ALUMNI – Guest Musicians and past members


HIGH SPY – (2006 – present)

DRAMA – (2003 – 2005)

featuring  – Mark Price* – Keyboards /  Arny Wheatley* – Drums / Dave Bridgett* – Bass  / Mike Gee – Vocals & Guitar.
*(All previously worked together in FINAL CONFLICT)
Work started on the second FRAMEWORK album (Confidential Whispers) under the band name DRAMA.. the sessions featuring the keyboards would later re-surface on the HIGH SPY album PARALYSED & HYPNOTISED over 10 years later…  This was a passion Mark Price wanted to get completed. A project which was started in 1992 which went through Framework then Drama and eventually arrived in HIGH SPY.
Also note one track or part of the track during the Framework line up recording sessions in 1992 featuring Mark Price ended up in the GRACE track ARCHITECTS of WAR! Which can be found on the album PULLING STRINGS AND SHINY THINGS.

FRAMEWORK – (from 1991 – 1995)